How Not To Approach Women

So many men are simply doing it wrong. From approaching women with the worst lines to creepily staring at them from across a room all night like they are their prey. Sadly, some of you (primarily the ones that need to take this seriously) will read this advice and brush it aside even though your dating life may be sub par at best. Regardless, I am putting it out there to save you from being a bad story that women tell their friends the next day or perhaps for the rest of their lives. 

"Has Anyone Told You You're Beautiful Today"

Take all pickup lines and toss them out. A million guys have thrown crappy lines and b.s. compliments her way and trust that she is beyond over them. Instead, be original and genuine IF you are going to compliment.. but I recommend skipping that during introducing yourself. Yes everyone loves a compliment, but try asking her a question instead of jumping straight into flattery. Every guy talks about her looks, show her you don't just think with your third leg.

"Can I Buy You A Drink"

Just Stop! No you can't buy me a drink because you look desperate. Are you that boring that you have to pay for my time? Look, every girl loves a cocktail especially when its free, but don't make that your introduction. Offer a drink after you've exchanged some conversation. See if you are even slightly compatible or interested before offering. If she doesn't respond or has no interest you can save that $12 for a more intriguing lady.

"I Saw You From Across The Room"

When you make eye contact with a girl, do not hesitate on approaching. The longer you wait the more likely you are to cop-out ..and your chances of being viewed as the creeper drastically go up because we all know you will keep staring at her. Confidence is huge so make your move quick and don't forget to smile when you say hello.

"You Here With Anyone"

Yes I am here with the 3 women standing next to me! Don't just address the lady you want to chat with, start conversation with the group. Singling out people whether its one or six puts them on edge and somewhat turns them against you instantly. You want her friends on your side, trust me. Plus you make all of them feel more at ease when you eventually start to direct your attention at the special lady you have your eye on.

"Enough About Me, Have I Told You About Me"

Let her talk! If you come off conceited and self centered she will eventually find her way to the door. So when she's speaking, let her speak (aka do not interrupt) and do not talk about yourself non stop. Conversation is meant for two people or more, if you are the only one talking, thats just a lame speech.

"Hope I'm Not Coming Across Weird"

Remember, its only uncomfortable if you make it that way. One of the quickest ways to turn a girl away is to approach with the weird vibe or the why the F am I doing this mind set. So approach with good posture, a smile and confidence. Don't forget women need men just as bad as men need women. 

"I See You Had Your Headphones In But I Just Had To Come Say Hi"

No, no, no. If a woman is doing things to avoid being approached, then don't approach her. I personally hate when someone, especially in the gym, comes up to me when I have my headphones in, hat on, and head down. Pay attention to body language. If she isn't making quality eye contact or is staying busy avoiding people, then let her be. The worst time to approach, is when she doesn't want to be bothered. 

"Well Can't We Be Friends"

If she isn't into you, just leave. The one thing that's less attractive than someone thats insecure is someone thats desperate. Don't be that guy! If she isn't into you that is fine. There are a million other single ladies and I promise there is at least one that will say yes and give you her number. Being rejected is not a bad thing. You can't win every girls heart in 5 minutes. 

Obviously I am not a dating expert by any means, but I do know what works for the masses and myself.. partially thanks to "bathroom talk"

I Posted A Video Below Of Pretty Women Explaning What They Like And Dislike About Men Flirting & Reaching Out to Them Via Social Media.

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