The Love Doctors

The Love Doctors

Born from an idea to screw with the lonely and the desperate more than 25 years ago, Dr. Rich and Dr. Glenn brought a formula for entertainment that was never considered your Father's talk show.  

Riding on the coattails of their success, the saga of The Love Doctors continues with Dano moving to the Big Chair as the Host.  Dano somehow maintains order through the chaotic jackassery.  Dr. Glenn continues his standard level of unparalleled and undeniably mediocre comic genius.  Luke is back home as the Producer bringing his infectious laugh and his odd, quirky, nerdy and out of the box comedic quips.

The show takes unscreened calls from anyone about anything.  If you don't suck, you will be a co-host for a minute (or however long it takes for you to eventually suck).



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