Talking To The Uber Driver Who Saved SunFest


Hansel Echavarria is being called a hero in the country music community after "saving SunFest" on Sunday. If you haven't heard yet, Keith Urban was scheduled to headline Sunday night of the waterfront music festival. The storms that hit our area that afternoon had his flight redirected to Miami instead of West Palm Beach.

Keith Urban and his crew then had no other option besides jumping in an Uber and trying to make it to West Palm Beach as fast as possible. Echavarria was their Uber driver from Miami, FL and only spoke Spanish. He said he had no idea who was in his car and why they were in such a hurry to get to West Palm Beach, but was happy to get them there.

Echavarria tells us that he originally only sped up because he wanted to get back to Miami before it got dark. He heard the guys in his car discussing his speed and decided to slow it down a little when Urban yelled "no, no, no problem" in a hurry to take the stage.

Keith Urban finally takes the stage at SunFest! Photo by: Chelsea Cannon

When he finally arrived at SunFest, Keith Urban told fans that his driver was doing 140 mph, but Echavarria cleared the air saying it was not THAT fast, but also not telling us how fast he was going.

In the end, Echavarria safely and quickly got Urban to SunFest and saved the night and for that, we are all grateful!

SunFest Keith Urban

Source: WPBF, Photos: Chelsea Cann


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