Tears For Fears Fans Demand Refund After SunFest Cancellation

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (CBS12) —Fans for the legendary band Tears for Fears are looking for answers after the band’s SunFest performance was cancelled.

SunFest says the act was cancelled because of heavy rain that flooded the stage.

But the band was the only act to cancel and fans say it’s not an excuse.

Twin musicians Dominick and Anthony Uccello came all the way from California to see one of their favorite bands perform at SunFest.

“Tears for Fears was definitely one of the top bands we wanted to see,” Anthony Uccello said.

The brothers come every year, but this time they’re leaving extremely disappointed.

“Through an app, they said it got cancelled,” Anthony Uccello said.

They found out from the person next to them, one of many that traveled far to see the legendary 80’s pop duo.

“ [They came] from the UK, Germany, and Australia,” Dominick Uccello said.

The SunFest stop was one of just two U.S. tour stops for the band this year.

But SunFest says they came to a joint decision to cancel the performance due to safety concerns created by flooding on the band’s stage, making Tears for Fears the only act to cancel.

“Everyone was just really bummed out and let down,” Anthony Uccello said.

Now the brothers are one of many people on social media demanding a refund or a make-up performance.

Another person saying, “You guys cancelled because it was raining? Welcome to Florida”.

CBS12 News reached out to Melissa Sullivan, SunFest’s Marketing Manager, to get answers.

“It wasn’t just a result of the rain coming down during the performance," she said. "It was related to things that happened throughout the day to the stage."

Sullivan says its tickets clearly state “rain or shine” and only people who purchased upgraded tickets for the performance will be getting a refund.

The twins say Tears for Fears should’ve done more to explain the situation.

“You gotta come through a little harder for the fans. Come out as a band and talk to us,” Anthony Uccello said.

SunFest says this is the first time a big act was cancelled in nearly 40 years.

CBS12 News also reached out to Tears for Fears, but have not answered back.

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