80 Year Old Calls Police After Hookers Didn't Satisfy Him

Old Man

It's no secret that some elderly people are frugal and save every penny, but what this 80-year old man did is on another level. It is one thing to not be satisfied with your dinner at a restaurant and voice your complaint. However, what do you do when the prostitutes you hired did not satisfy you? 

This 80-year man from Ohio called the police after he was disappointed with the service from the hookers he hired. He told dispatch he was reporting a robbery at his home and when authorities got there the real story came out. He informed the police that he had paid $500 for two hookers and although they did provide the service, they failed to meet his full expectations. He felt like he had been robbed! 

Neither prostitute was present when the cops arrived and although it is illegal to purchase hookers, the police calmly explained to the man that what happened was not a robbery and he did not face charges. 

We hope he at least got that AARP discount for his trouble!

Source: The Smoking Gun, Photo: Getty Images


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