Skip Right to the Sex With Audible's New Feature

Flipping through dozens of pages of Fifty Shades of Grey to find a sex scene may soon be a thing of the past. 

Catering to impatient romance readers, audiobook website Audible has introduced a feature allowing visitors to skip to especially romantic scenes—from first kisses to steamy sex romps—in more than 100 of its romance titles. 

This modern-day "version of the dog-eared erotica page" accompanies a new "steaminess score" for books (options include "sweet," "hot damn," and "O-O-OMG"), as well as a new Audible subscription service, reports Quartz. While normal Audible subscribers get access to one audiobook per month, subscribers to the Audible Romance Package gain access to thousands of novels "performed by the steamiest voices."

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