WATCH: Man Bound, Tied, Arrested While Screaming Obscenities At MIA

Someone had their camera out at the right time this Wednesday, and captured the moment that a man yelling obscenities was arrested at Miami International Airport. 

*** WARNING - Some people may find language in the video to be offensive ***


Miami-Dade Aviation Department spokesman Greg Chin said the man in the video was making threats against the airport at the Concourse D check-in area. 

According to witnesses, the man tried to attack a U.S. Customs and Border Protection agent and also tried to enter an employees-only baggage area.

At least six Miami-Dade police officers had to hold the suspect down as he screamed and cursed at them.

The suspect's hands and feet were bound as he was detained. He was screaming hysterical remarks at the time.

Airport officials said the situation is now under control.


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