The Love Doctors


The Love Doctors

Weekdays 2pm-7pm

Not your Father's talk show, sums up the show in one phrase. Show topics range from the serious to the bizarre. . .where one caller will ask a pointed question about Bosnia, the next will belch into the phone and hang up!

It depends on your perspective, but the Love Doctors could be either the best and most humorous thing you've ever heard, or the absolute worst - but... YOU ARE STILL LISTENING, AREN'T YOU?

Some of the appeal of the show are callers to the show. Unlike most radio talk shows there are no call screeners on this show, allowing any and all to participate. With NO time limit to the calls, Dr. Rich uses his AUTHORITY as host to handle the callers any way he chooses.

During certain Special Events, the Love Doctors will have guests on the show, although this is the exception and not the rule. Dr. Rich's interviewing ability manages to keep the audience entertained and well-informed.

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