The Florida Bar is investigating the attorney involved in a tussle with a judge earlier this month. 

A spokeswoman for the Bar says the agency has opened a file on Assistant Brevard County Public Defender Andrew Weinstock.  He and Judge John Murphy had gotten into an argument when Murphy punched Weinstock outside the courtroom. 

Our segment called "Legally Speaking" focuses on the latest incidents involving judges in Florida. 

Longtime local defense attorney Michelle Suskauer:

"Being a judge is a very high-pressured profession and they're under a lot of stress.  I'm certainly not making any excuses."

Longtime local defense attorney Michelle Suskauer says these behaviors are not all that unusual in general.

"This is something that occurs in every profession.  It just so happens we're seeing a bunch of them."

She's referring to accusations of judges driving under the influence and being intoxicated on the bench. 

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Michelle Suskauer is a Florida Bar Board Certified criminal trial attorney, practicing for over 22 years with the Suskauer Law Firm.

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Photo courtesy of Michelle Suskauer