Palm Beach County emergency management officials want to be sure you and your family are prepared for any storms that may come our way this hurricane season. 

Bill Johnson is the Director of the Division of Emergency Management.  He tells us that after 9 years without a hurricane, there are many residents here who may not know how serious they can be.

"I think we have a turnover within the community.  We've got a younger population that has grown up without a hurricane, so we need to educate the community on the real dangers of hurricanes."

Johnson's department has a four-step plan.

"Understand whether or not you live in an evacuation zone.  You can go to our website...and we have an evacuation tool in there that you can plug in your address and that will tell you whether or not you live in an evacuation zone."

That's just one of the steps.  The others include building a disaster kit, getting involved and keeping informed. 

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