Your kid could wind up with a 30 thousand dollar scholarship from Google.  The "Doodle for Google" competition is underway and Leah Weisberg with Google tells us how it works.

"The idea behind it is to let students, K through 12, channel their creativity and imagination to create our 'doodle', our home page logo, based on a theme."

Weisberg says parents should encourage their kids to take part in this contest, and teachers can do the same with their classes, but each student must do his or her own "doodle".  She says they won't be alone.

"Florida's always been a high-contributing state.  We have a lot of up and coming 'doodlers' down there.  Every year they come in with really great visions and a lot of them (have) tons of creativty."

The National winner gets the full scholarship and their doodle will appear on the Google home page in June.  There will be a Florida winner, who will get to visit the San Franscisco area and an Android tablet.  Entry deadline is March 20th and the state winners will be announced in late April. 

The theme this year is "If I could invent one thing to make the world a better place..."

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