Written By Cassie Morien for SunFest

SunFest, my friends, is in just a few hours!

I hope you’ve requested an afternoon (or two) off of work, treated yourself to a new pair of sandals, and are ready to steal the limelight on those dance barges! (You’ll have to work for it, I have friends who have been practicing their dance moves for weeks.)

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I’m excited. You’re excited. Is there anything left to do but count down the minutes till Wednesday afternoon?

Yes, there is. Download the SunFest app for your smartphone!

The free app, made possible by our friends at South Florida Ford, allows you to effortlessly arrange your music schedule, find the nearest ATM and restrooms, look up parking prices, check the food court menu, and more!

For example, thanks to the SunFest app I know that Bacon Bacon Bacon is serving up a bacon wrapped meatloaf cupcake for $8. (I’ll be sure to let you know how it tastes!)

The app also lets you set alerts, so you know exactly how long you have till your favorite act takes the stage. Read about the bands before they begin, and share your thoughts with your friends on Facebook.

I’m admittedly a little obsessed with my phone, taking pictures, and pretty filters, so I was excited to see the app’s camera option. SunFest created cute filters you can apply before sharing your photos with the community (Use the hashtag #SunFest14)! I apologize in advance for hogging the newsfeed.

Get it now and get acquainted. Once the festivities begin, the last place you want to be looking is your phone!

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